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AquaServ Demo

Give AquaServ a test drive on your PC.  The AquaServ Demo is essentially a fully functional version of AquaServ, except for the following differences:

  • Rather than read data from the A/D converter hardware, the AquaServ Demo provides a "fake" A/D converter that you can control using the function keys on your keyboard.  This allows you to simulate an input signal without actually connecting any hardware.
  • The AquaServ Demo cannot be installed as a Windows system service.  It is designed to run as a regular application, so that you can evaluate the product without converting your system into a dedicated chart recorder.

See the AquaServ User's Guide (below) for more details and installation instructions.

The AquaServ Demo is Freeware.  Please feel free to distribute it to anyone who might be interested in AquaServ.  Refer to the End User License Agreement included in the demo package for more information.

Download AquaServ v1.7 Demo Installer

AquaServ Documentation


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