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AquaServ is a software package that can turn any standard PC into a stand-alone chart recorder and data acquisition system.  AquaServ systems can replace any single- or multi-input recorder in water and wastewater treatment plants or any other facility that requires monitoring and logging of liquid processes.


  • Intuitive menu-driven interface
    System can be easily controlled using either the keyboard or the mouse
  • Uses standard PC hardware
    Inexpensive and easy to deploy and maintain
  • Extremely reliable and accurate
    Extensively tested in both the lab and the field.  Locks down the system so that no other applications can run simultaneously
  • Fully internationalized
    Supports both English and metric units, and uses the appropriate time and date formats for your region of the world
  • Powerful, built-in data analysis features
    Including two-hour peak flow (meets TCEQ reporting requirements), multi-day total flow, and data export to a spreadsheet
  • Minimal operator intervention required
    Stores years of data digitally and allows chart files to be backed up to a USB drive.  Any stored chart can be recalled for display, printing, and analysis
  • Supports paperless operation
    AquaServ can be configured to print charts automatically every day or manually
  • Easy-to-read, full-color printouts
    Print 8 1/2 x 11" or A4-sized charts to any color printer supported by Windows
  • Measures and totalizes a variety of different parameters
    Fluid flow, liquid level, turbidity, chlorine residual, temperature, pressure, volume, pH
  • Up to 16 simultaneous inputs
    Divided into four inputs per chart page


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